Trying to put down in words

I love to draw and paint. Even though I'm not the most gifted artist and there are lots of people waaay better than me and more talented than I'll ever be. I just love doing it. It makes me happy and sometimes it fills my entire body with so much joy, it's hard to explain. I feel so happy and grateful to be able to do something that I like this much whenever I want to. 


The truth is the hardest pill to swallow

And the truth is that you no longer care. 

Cat and watercolours

Today I bought a (quite big) canvas panel and a new aquarellepad. Hopefully they'll turn into nice paintings. 

things I like

Beautiful things. Good Music. Art. Friends. My cat. Family. Beautiful clothes. The sun. Movies. Nice men. Cozy cafés. Photography. Ice cream. Dreams. Kind people. Rain. Lipstick/lip balm/lipgloss. Magic. Tattoos. Stars (the ones on the sky). Good books. High waisted shorts. Coffee. Marc Jabobs handbags. Laughing. Cute animals. The moon. Lanterns. Alice in Wonderland (the cartoon version and the novel). Summer. Nice shoes. Twin Peaks, Lost and True Blood. Good quotes. Big cities. Food. Small greek islands. The ocean. Life. And more. 

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